In an industrial world which is in a state of constant flux,
new demands are constantly materializing.
Productivity as a universal objective,
was introduced with the Industrial Revolution.
The world of the machine created an industrial environment
which was devisive, hierarchical, austere and often polluting.
In more recent times, with progress in technology, computerization
and new regulations concerning pollution,
the face of industry has changed, as have its practices.
However, more than economic, technical and regulatory requirements,
the great challenge for industry at the dawn of the third millenium,
is to take into account, facets of the spatial environment: geographical, cultural, human and aesthetic.
The advent of this new industrial ethic will be an opportunity for the industrial actor to transform the environment, which is currently an obstacle, into a vector for internal and external communication,
a catalyst for performance.
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Helps the decider to determine, formulate and accomplish
his objectives relating to the spatial environment
of industrial site and mines:
landscaping, town planning, architecture and design.

A multidisciplinary team made up of architects, landscapers
and designers + local partnerships in many countries
References in Europe, North America, South America,
North Africa, Asia, Middle-East.

Proposes a large range of services applied to the existing industrial site or site to be created: consultancy, diagnosis of environment, programming, conception, follow-up.